On a part-time basis, I offer the following services:

Ad hoc Mathematical Problem Solving

My background as a mathematician gives me a perspective that is useful in solving a variety of technical problems for individuals and businesses. For instance, I have helped masters and PhD students understand their collected lab/survey data and offered hands on advice and examples for how they could use statistical tools to derive insights. I have also helped multiple startups develop algorithms for accomplishing a variety of business objectives, taking results from theory and applying them to solve real problems in a practical way.

Personalized Interview Prep

Throughout my career, I have been on the giving and receiving end of many job interviews (both good and bad!). These include interviews in data science, software engineering, and more recently quantitative software development. If you are considering a job in any of these fields, I offer services to develop personalized plans to help you best prepare for the interview process. Everyone knows about leetcode, hackerrank and the like, but not everyone has the time to just grind hundreds of problems. I will work with you to determine your strengths and weaknesses, and come up with problem sets and timelines that work within your schedule to ensure you are as prepared as possible come interview time. I view it as a constrained optimization problem that I can help you solve. 🙂

I can be reached at chris <dot>  arettines <at> g mail  <dot>  com for any consulting inquiries.