Here you will find links and descriptions of a few writing and programming projects I’ve been slowly chipping away at.  Some will just be for fun, and others may have legitimate research purposes.


Interactive Projects

  • I decided to teach myself D3, a powerful javascript library with an emphasis on creating visualizations of data for the web.   I created an interactive visualization that takes a look at subway usage across NYC.  You can find the visualization here (please give it a moment to load every component).
  • (Coming soon eventually) A javascript app that allows you to explore the combinatorics of curves on surfaces, based on the ideas in my thesis and other papers I’ve written.


Some Mathematical Writings

  •  I published a paper about an algorithm which produces curves that intersect minimally on surfaces.   Here is a link to check out the paper.
  • You can take a look at my Ph.D. thesis, which elaborates on the ideas in the previous paper and presents many other new ideas.
  • I attended a conference in honor of the late and great mathematician and educator Lipman Bers, and landed a role as an “official” scribe for one of the main lectures by Dr. Yair Minsky.  My notes are published in the book Lipman Bers, a Life in Mathematics.  Here are my raw notes from that conference.



I prefer to usually use the chalkboard, but sometimes you can’t beat a nice set of slides.



Much of the code related to my various projects can be found at my github page.