About Me

My name is Chris Arettines.  I am fortunate enough to work as a data scientist at a great tech company in New York City.  Being a data scientist can mean many different things depending on who you ask so let me say more.  My primary responsibility is to manage and improve our algorithmic ad bidding platform, which consumes streams of data every day and attempts to target ads in a way that maximizes the benefits for our clients.  My team is also responsible for building tools that make predictions and analyze data across the company using a variety of statistical and machine learning techniques.

Prior to my current job, I taught undergraduates and obtained a PhD in mathematics with a specialization in low dimensional geometry and topology.  What that means is that I typically think about mathematical structures that relate to two and three-dimensional spaces.   I am also interested in exploring how mathematics is communicated.  I’ve taught for several years and have spent

profile pica good deal of time thinking about how mathematical concepts fit themselves inside of the mind.  A  mathematical statement may either be true or false,  but a mathematical idea can sit inside of a human mind in a multitude of ways -connected to the other ideas, memories, and patterns that are distinct to each individual.

Besides mathematics, my interests include programming,  playing music, strategic games, and cooking, to name a few.

I hope to have a chance to show readers of this blog the structure and beauty behind some of the mathematics I think about, and give readers a sense of the patterns and relationships that lie underneath many of the more concrete interests I outlined above.

Here is my resume.

Here is my CV.

If you would like to look at a few of my programming projects, check out my github account.

I can be reached at chris dot  arettines at g mail  dot  com.